•   The Biosystems group

    Since Biosystems was first founded in 1981, our commitment has been to offer effective, reliable analytical systems to laboratories around the world.

    Our facilities in Barcelona occupy a floor space of 18.000 m2 and house a young and highly qualified team that researches, develops, produces and markets a wide variety of instruments and reagents of utmost quality and superb features.

    Our mastery of core technologies combined with our extensive experience mean that we are able to offer ground-breaking products that are tailored to customers’ needs and enhanced through an ongoing improvement process. 

    BioSystems S.A., a Ginper Group company, offers a wide and extensive portfolio of products for clinical and agri-food diagnosis in order to streamline workflow, increase operational efficiency and improve the quality of life of people around the world.

    We are a company committed to personal health


    To contribute to the improvement of the health of people around the world, providing instruments and reagents of leading technology and the highest reliability to the laboratorios of clinical analyses and enology.  

    To provide a fertile environment for the personal and professional development of company employees, making it an unassailable value of ever-increasing importance.


    To be a firm known worldwide for its products’ high quality and features, continuous improvement process and flexibility with users, as well as a leader in industry niches in which it works.

     Our corporate values

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