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Biosystems is launching the Prevecal Veterinary program (12/20/2019)
Monthly observation in serum samples
Biosystems is launching the Prevecal Coagulation program (12/13/2019)
Monthly observation in plasma samples
China International Medical Equipment Fair (CMEF) 2019 (10/2/2019)
Biosystems, at the autumn CMEF (Qingdao)
Accredited Prevecal program (6/3/2019)
ISO/IEC 17043:2010
BioSystems at Free From Functional Food Expo (5/23/2019)
Barcelona, May 28-29th
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Biosystems is launching the Prevecal Veterinary program

Monthly observation in serum samples

BioSystems S.A., in its continuous effort to offer an extensive quality portfolio for clinical laboratories, launches in January 2020 the Prevecal Veterinary program.


The kit (code 18081) consists in 12 vials of 5 mL of lyophilized animal sera for monthly measurements of biochemistry parameters.


Alike the rest of Clinical Chemistry programs, the participant laboratory must do a monthly measurement and enter its results at

After the statistical treatment each laboratory is able to observe the estimation of its error on the downloadable monthly report. At the end of the yearly participation the laboratory obtains a complete final report and a participation diploma.


Prevecal is an international external quality assessment program for clinical laboratories. It's a BioSystems' determined challenge to help laboratories to achieve results with greater reliability and accuracy.

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