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New semi-automatic coagulometers (12/20/2018)
COAX 1 | COAX 2 | COAX 4
MEDICA 2018 (11/21/2018)
November 12th-15th
BioSystems in Medlab Europe (10/8/2018)
Barcelona, 2nd-4th October
Tuna 2018 Congress (6/22/2018)
Barcelona, June 14th
Biosystems is launching the new A15 (4/20/2018)
Now with integrated cooling system
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New semi-automatic coagulometers

COAX 1 | COAX 2 | COAX 4

BioSystems has the pleasure to announce the new models of semi-automated coagulometers on our Coagulation portfolio.
COAX family
includes 1, 2 or 4 optical channel devices. The new models are addressed to small-medium laboratories. Operation is very intuitive, with a high quality colour touchscreen, allowing easy patient data management.

The three COAX models offer a complete range of the most common test: PT, APTT, FIB and TT suitable for all of them and validated lot-to-lot to achieve maximum performance.

Besides, COAX (2 and 4 channels) are able to read additional test using either chromogenic or latex reagents, like individual coagulation factors, Antithrombin III, Protein C or D-Dimer.

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