The Enology system, consisting of automatic analyzers Y-15 and Y-25 and a complete line of dedicated reagents, provides to enology laboratories the maximum information throughout the winemaking process. Dedicated reagents -liquid and with long stability- minimize handling by the winemaker offering speed and convenience in obtaining results. BioSystems offer the winemakers a unique complete system in the wine market. It is an easy and effective automation with the guarantee of the highest quality and service.

Food Safety reagents detect high interest parameters in food and feed industry related with labelling, toxins, additives, sugars and many others. BioSystems reagents are based on chemical complexes, enzymes or antibodies that bind the analyte with high affinity, offering sensitivity and accuracy at an affordable cost. Having in mind the wide variety of food, BioSystems validates the reagents in different food matrices and designs different extraction procedures. In addition, the enzymatic and chemical reagents can be automated in BioSystems instruments, improving the speed of the test.

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